About The Project

Project Details

Throughout the past year and continuing this year, the Saginaw Choral Society is leading a brand new project called #WeAreSaginaw. This inspiring project aims to celebrate the impact and importance of all the people in our community.

From a distance, we shop together, drink coffee together, drive down the same roads together, and live together, yet how well do we really know one another? The Saginaw Choral Society is setting out to bridge that gap and break down those barriers, all around Saginaw county. The Society’s mission? “Building and uniting our community through music.”

At various events throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to participate in this project or maybe even already have. SCS will set up tables at local events all summer long and will continue to do so throughout this season. If you find yourself at one of these events you’ll be asked to tell, in a word or two, how you would respond to the sentence “I AM…” You’ll write your description on a #WeAreSaginaw whiteboard, get your picture professionally taken and then are encouraged to share your photo on your own personal social media explaining why you chose the words you did. 

But that’s just the first step. The photos will also become part of an ongoing social media campaign as well as various art displays around town that will continue to bring us together as the Saginaw Choral Society strives to build and unite our community through music.

Because I am Saginaw. You are Saginaw. Together #WeAreSaginaw.